Frequently Asked Questions

Can we provide tailoring services?
Unfortunately, no.

How much is it to alter my apparel?
Given the large range of alterations that we provide, we are unable to provide an accurate quote. You may call us to get a rough estimate on your alteration, however it is recommended you come down and give your items a look by our shop assistants.

When can I collect my item?
The standard time it takes for most alterations is a week, with the most complex alterations taking up to a month at most. However, we do provide express services at a cost.

My apparel doesn't fit me after alteration.
If the alteration made to your item was made under our recommendation, we will redo the alteration for you within a week of the date you collected your item. This will apply to only the altered region of your apparel, and any other types of alteration on the same item will be charged for. Additionally, if you have made an alteration with your own measurements and wish to have it redone, it will also be charged for.

Do we provide laundry services?
Yes, laundry services are provided on request and outsourced to Laundry Unlimited. Please kindly ask our counter staff for assistance with laundry.